Wakerings Xmas spirit not daunted

Wakering were invited to participate in an Xmas mixed aged friendly tournament against teams from the Essex Walking Football League at Garons Park. Wakering in the true spirit of Xmas entered 2 teams using a mixture of 18 players, 3 50’s, 6 over 60’s, 4 over 65’s and 6 over 70’s. The teams were mixed in accordance with the event organizer rules.

On the day of the event Garon Park fielded an all 50’s age team consisting of non Garon Park and SE England Regional players. It was evident before the tournament started that it was set up for Garon Park’s 1st team to win by whatever means were necessary even to changing the Essex Walking Football League rules to allowing tackling in a non contact sport. However Wakering maintained the teams they had selected instead of making changes to field a very strong squad more than capable of winning the tournament.

Both Wakering teams with 70’s players made it the semi finals with Wakering B giving away a 2 goal lead after having 2 players sent off. Wakering A went out to the eventual winners Garon Park 1st team by a single goal that should have been disallowed because the scorer stepped into the box. Wakering’s protests were dismissed with the goal being allowed.

Both Wakering teams played each other for 3rd and 4th spot which finished 0-0 leaving the teams joint 3rd

Goal scorers for Wakering A: Melvin 1, Tregent 1 Henry 1 and Butterfield 1 Goal scorers for Wakering B: Willis 3, Jackson 2, Bantin 1